I. School Motto

II. Educational Philosophy

III. Historical Sketch

IV. The Emblem


III. Historical Sketch:



  • Nanshan was initially named Cheng-Te Vocational School and established in Shanghai in 1941. In order to cover-up secret mission against Japanese invasion activities, two departments: Telecommunication and Civil Engineering were opened in the school to recruit anti-Japanese activists. In 1943, the school was shut down by the Japanese army.
  • After Chinaˇ¦s victory in World War II, the school was renamed in 1946 as Private Nanshan Business Vocational School in celebration of President Chiang Kai-shekˇ¦s 60th birthday.
    School location: No. 112, Fu-Hsin Central Road, Shanghai.


Closed down
due to the war

  • 1949-1955 : The school was closed down due to the upheaval caused by civil-war while the Republic of China government relocated its seat to Taiwan.



Reopened in Taiwan

  • 1956: In celebration of the deceased president Chiang Kai-shekˇ¦s 70th birthday and the tenth anniversary of the founding of this school, directors, teachers and students in Taiwan proposed to reopen the school.
  • 1957: The school was reopened at its current location, and renamed Private Nanshan Industrial Vocational School. It began to accept junior high school and senior high school students, and students totaled about 250 in the first year. Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering and Textile Engineering departments were the major faculties.
  • 1958: A remediation school was attached to it, and a military band was formed alongside the demo team and hands-on workshop.



Strenuously carve out

  • 1960: Officially completed the registration process as an Incorporated Foundations Governed by the Ministry of Education.
  • 1963: Cut ribbon in the ceremony in celebration of the Faculty-Student Avenue on the campus which was built jointly by Nanshan faculty and students (currently known as Nanshan Avenue).
  • 1966: A Commercial department was founded and the school was renamed Private Nanshan Business and Industry Vocational School.
  • 1968: The state government began to implement nine-year compulsory education, thus closing down the junior high school department.
  • 1969: The School Basketball Team was established.
  • 1971: The school was renamed Private Nanshan Business and Industry Senior Vocational School.
  • 1971: Additionally built male student dormitory (which was later renovated into the Aesthetics Education Building today).
  • 1972: The school basketball team won the Freedom Cup and the national senior high school league matches championship, joined the friendly match in S. Korea, and came second in the second Asia Youth Cup basketball tournament held in the Philippines.
  • 1973: Additionally built the administrative building (known as Orthodox Building today)
  • 1979: Founded the Female Basketball Team.
  • 1983: The school basketball team won the Freedom Cup, and succeeded in winning the championship for the third time in the Taiwan Area Games and the national senior high school league matches.


1994 Improvement and Development
  • 1984: Launched the ˇ§School-wide No-smokingˇ¨ policy.
  • 1986: The school implemented computer teaching, promoted the computerization of administration, and established the alumni association.
  • 1987: The school classrooms installed an central air-conditioning system, established Nanshan Support Group, and commenced the publication of Nanshan magazine.
  • 1989: The kindergarten section was established, along with the ˇ§Experimental Class for Higher Education.ˇ¨
  • 1991: The common education department was added.
  • 1992: The school launched the private school retirement assistance system.
  • 1992: In the first term of 1992ˇ§Experimental Class for Higher Educationˇ¨ students graduatesˇXstudying in Class Benevolence, Year Three, Electronic Department, recorded excellent records in being admitted to the universities/colleges.
  • 1993: Hold the first ˇ§Cross-strait Senior High School Top four Basketball Team Nanshan Cup.ˇ¨




  • 1994: The school was renamed Nanshan High School, and added the junior high school department.
  • 1995: The Chong-Jhih Building was completed.
  • 1996: The remediation school ceased.
  • 1997: Nanshan was awarded the ˇ§Best No-smoking Promotionˇ¨ school of the entire nation and was commended by the President.
  • 1998: Cao-Jyun Building was completed and operation to function.
  • 2001: The school history hall and Jie-Shou Garden were inaugurated, and the music class was opened. Junior high school student Tsai Yu-hsuan was awarded Presidential Education Award.
  • 2002: The curriculum development committee was established, and the mathematics and sciences gifted students class was established in the junior high school department. At the same year, the school started to promote ˇ§Learning passport.ˇ¨
  • 2003: The school was accredited passed the ISO9001ˇĐ2000 quality management system validation, and the English excellence class was established in the junior high school department. Successfully passed the register for Nanshan kindergarten from the government.
  • 2004: The school basketball team won the HBL (High school Basketball League) championship, and the school cheer leaders won the national senior high school match championship.
    Nanshan won the top honorˇXthe championship, in the Group Category representing Taiwan, in the ˇ§Invitational Tournament of Asia-Pacific Elementary School Level Olympic Games, Singaporeˇ¨ (For Taiwan Team, Nanshan was the sponsor and the trainer of all contestants, substation winning a total of 6 gold medals in 2005 and 8 gold medals in 2006).
    Seventh grade student Lin Qi-yun skipped to ninth grade. Lin Qi-yun also achieved an outstanding result in AMC10, a well known American Mathematics Competition. Lin Qi-yun was ranked among the top one percentage of all contestants of AMC 10.
  • 2005: Special education for elite students-Jian Bo-yu, Lee Hou-ru and Lee Yu-syuan took part in National Taiwan Universityˇ¦s gifted students education program; Lin Qi-yun, Yu Shih-yuan and Jian Bo-yu took part in Ching Hwa Universityˇ¦s gifted students education program; Lin Qi-yun took part in Academic Sinica- Life Science Departmentˇ¦s gifted students education program; Huang Yi-ting won the championship in ˇ§National Languages Contest-Taiwanese Category.ˇ¨




  • 2006: The 60th founding celebration. Tzechiang Building and Hsin Chien Hall were completed and in service.
    Student Hong Wei-kai was crowned as the top student in Taipei County for achieving the percentage rank of 73 out of 75 in college entrance exam.
  • 2007 Math and science elite student Lin Qi-yun got third place in ICHO; seventh place in National Chemistry Camp for Elite students; Lin Qi-yun was admitted to National Taiwan University at the age of sixteen, currently majoring in Department of Chemistry. (Got double promotion twice and achieved the percentage rank of 73 out of 75 in college entrance exam.)
    For the forth time, Nanshan basketball team won the championship in HBL.
  • 2008: Five students (Dong Mu-ciao, Wu Ya-ting, Ning-ze, Huang Ting-yang) were crowned as the top students in Taipei County for achieving the percentage rank of 70 out of 75 in college entrance exam. Also, for being admitted to medical department in university.
    Tzechiang Building was equipped with Ice-Storage Energy Conservation System.
    For the fifth time, Nanshan basketball team won the championship in HBL.