I. School Motto

II. Educational Philosophy

III. Historical Sketch

IV. The Emblem


I. School Motto:

Always strive for self-actualization.



II. Educational Philosophy:

  1. VisionĄG
    A learning community on arts and humanities, Nanshan aims to cultivate a comprehensive human development which teaches how to courageously shoulder responsibilities, earnestly over challenges and earnestly pursue self-actualization.
  2. Objectives:
    cultivate an optimistic, enterprising, reasonable, and thankful person.
  3. Strategies:
    fresh, rapid, solid and concise
  4. Methods:
    1. Put into effect life education and lay a good educational foundation by emphasizing courtesy and industriousness. Taking on the motives of honesty and love, and the attitudes of peace and harmony, cultivate the school ethnics and well organize the role-play.
    2. Cultivate the multi-aptitude of the students, enrich their emotional life, develop their individual personality, and kindle their creative capacity.
    3. Refined teaching, graceful culture Digital information, international perspective.